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Up to 80% Off Top Quality Mattresses for Fairmont, WV

Mattresses can be expensive, and we at The Mattress Guy of Morgantown, WV know you do not want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to find a mattress you may not even really like. Do not fall victim to the big chain stores in Fairmont, WV! The Mattress Guy of Morgantown, WV offers the same or a similar product to those chains at prices that are up to 80% less than the retail price. Save money, and support a locally owned and operated business.

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0% Financing Available for Customers in Farmington, WV

We offer zero interest financing to our customers in Farmington, WV and all of Marion County. No credit needed! This means that you can take your mattress home and pay for it without having to worry about accruing interest. This option is perfect for people who want multiple mattresses, or who need a mattress at a bad time in their life.

Knowledgeable Staff Assists Rivesville, WV Customers with Choosing a Mattress

At The Mattress Guy of Morgantown, WV, our staff is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to our vast inventory. We are committed to being as helpful as possible to our Rivesville, WV customers, and that includes being able to answer any question you may have about our inventory or the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. While you are browsing our inventory, our staff is always close at hand, so if you have any questions, or want to know how one mattress compares to another, feel free to ask!